Post Race Craic—

Yes, It’s a Party


This race is a gem, all right. And so is the post race celebration. The Somerville Striders Athletic Club has brewed up the genuine article. It’s the real McCoy. There will be great Irish craic post race in DAVIS SQUARE at: The Burren, The Sligo, The Foundry, & Orleans Bar & Restaurant, in TEELE SQUARE at: P.J. Ryan’s, in BALL SQUARE at: The Pub, in UNION SQUARE at: Sally O'Brien's, in MAGOUN SQUARE at: Olde Magoun Saloon.



Playing at the Post Race Parties....

There will be live Irish Music at some of our sponsor's facilities.... some modern and some going way back.


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Ronan Quinn

Playing at Olde Magoun's Saloon in Magoun Sq.

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